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Hello and welcome to my web pages.


I'm Franco.


Franco means "the Free One".


If the old saying "nomen est omen" is true, then this may be one reason for my need for Freedom and Liberty.


Freedom, they say, is always the Freedom of the others.


I was always proud of beeing one of "the others".


I do not really like beeing told what to do.


for instance:

  • It's not up to the weather to tell me when it's time to go camping with my Motorbike.
  • Neither Microsoft, nor Apple have the right to tell me what to do with my PC.
  • The music and movie business do not have to tell me what device or what software to use for listening to music or watching movies..
  • Neither a Pope nor an Ayatollah may tell me what to believe in.
  • ...

If you are one of "the normals", then maybe you will not find anything interresting on my pages.


Anyway, comments, notes, critics or questions are welcome anytime.

Use the contact form to drop me a message.


Enough of the introduction.


Have fun on my pages.