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Since November 1996 I'm concerning myself, with constantly increasing enthusiasm, with LINUX.


Being a changer from the Windows platform, I needed quite a while to accomodate with the concept of a UNIX Operating System.

But now I wouldn't want to miss it anymore.


Meanwhile I'm using Linux almost exclusively, both for business and private applications.


Linux prooves that there is some truth in the old german children's song

"many tiny people, in many tiny places, doing many tiny steps.
Can change the face of the world."


This is exactly what happened in the Software World

"many tiny people" have deveolped a new operating system that did change the face of the software world.


Linux is free sotware

"free" as in freedom of speech - not as in free beer.


That's why I changed the german national anthem to

"Einigkeit und Recht und Linux"

replacing "Freiheit" (freedom) with Linux