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Bez Calculator is a scientific Calculator for PalmOS devices.


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Short Description:

  • With the INV Key you can access a second layer of functions.
  • The HYP key toggles between trigonometric (sin,cos,tan) and hyperbolic (sinh,cosh,tanh) functions.
  • The Mem key opens the Memory Dialog.
  • The D.R.G key cycles through DEG (Degrees) RAD (Radians) GRA (Grads).
  • The MOD key is for selecting the Display mode (NOR SCI ENG and FIX).
  • You can copy and paste to and from the PalmOS clipboard.
  • PI and EXP share one botton, mode is auto toggled.
  • There is a menu, and also some Help Text in the PalmOS binary itself.
  • The priority rules apply, Multiplication has higher priority than addition. You can set Braces to alter the priority.

System Requirements:

Terms and Conditions:

Bez Calculator is free Software and distributed under the Terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Bez Calculator uses MathLib.
MathLib is free Software and distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

You may freely copy and distribute Bez Calculator, as long as You also provide the source code.
(the source code to both Bez Calculator and MathLib can be downloaded from the Project Homepage resp. MathLib's Homepage)

I make two exceptions to this rule:

  • Beaming Bez Calculator from one PalmOS Device to another is allowed
    (without handing over a discette with the source ;-) )
  • Download ONLY the binary package from the Project's homepage or a mirror site for personal use is allowed.

That means if You plan to distribute Bez Calculator (for instance on CD-ROM, or on some WEB-Site) You may NOT just distribute the binary package, but You also have to distribute the source code packages of both Bez Calculator and MathLib.

The Version History of Bez Calculator:

Version Rel. Date Comments
1.0.3 01/18/2003 changed Icon of "x^(1/y)" to "x rooted by y" looks much clearer.
fixed SetFieldTextFromString (thanks to Roger E Critchlow for the hint)
Clearer grouping by widening the "blank" by one pixel.
1.0.2 12/23/2001 changed display behaviour of Auto mode (NOR) for small numbers. Now we less often switch to exponent mode display.
1.0.1 12/22/2001 fixed a small bug with addition of 0 and small Numbers
1.0 12/21/2001 first public release.


Old Versions:

You can reach me through the contact form.
Comments and BUG reports are appreciated any time