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P-Moontool shows the Phase of the Moon on PalmOS devices.


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Short Description:

  • Shows the current phase of the Moon.
  • The accuracy depends on the Time Zone You are in. Make sure you set it correct.
  • The grayscale modes are available only on PalmOS 3.5 or above.
  • Shows the dates for the 4 phases of the Moon (next event is underlined.)
  • taping on a date brings up a dialog showing the time as well
  • You can jump to any date You choose
  • You can choose between fast and precise calculation

System Requirements:

Terms and Conditions:

P-Moontool is free Software and distributed under the Terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

P-Moontool uses MathLib.
MathLib is free Software and distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

You may freely copy and distribute P-Moontool, as long as You also provide the source code.
(the source code to both P-Moontool and MathLib can be downloaded from the Project Homepage resp. MathLib's Homepage)

I make two exceptions to this rule:

  • Beaming P-Moontool from one PalmOS Device to another is allowed
    (without handing over a discette with the source ;-) )
  • Download ONLY the binary package from the Project's homepage or a mirror site for personal use is allowed.

That means if You plan to distribute P-Moontool (for instance on CD-ROM, or on some WEB-Site) You may NOT just distribute the binary package, but You also have to distribute the source code packages of both P-Moontool and MathLib.

The Version History of P-Moontool (aka. Moon Phase):

Version Rel. Date Comments
NEW 04/12/2008 New Versions available on Sourceforge. Thanks to Manfred
1.7 05/24/2005 Fixed Icons for better Display on newer Devices
Fixed Moon Bitmaps to be square 100x100
1.6 01/02/2004 Use Systems Date Time Formats for Display
1.5 12/24/2003 PalmOS 5 fixes
1.4 02/04/2003 Added Option for Viewpoint (North, South or Equator)
Flickerfree redraw for PalmOS 3.5 or above
1.3 01/30/2003 Renamed project to P-Moontool due to Name Collision with older Program
Added Option to choose between speed and precision
1.2 01/26/2003 Added "now select the time" after date selection (req. PalmOS 3.1 or above)
Added Detailed Information when taping on a Date
Fixed Date/Time Formats for english version
Made the calculation of the dates more precise (was up to 20minutes off)
1.1 01/22/2003 Added "Go to Date", added Help, fixed Timezones
1.0 01/18/2003 first public release.


Latest Versions of P-Moontool (starting with Version 1.8) are available on Sourceforge now.
Thanks to Manfred for continuing development

Old Versions:

You can reach me through the contact form.
Comments and BUG reports are appreciated any time