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Sooner or later every Programer will face the Problem that his applications have to be translated into many different national Languages. I'm glad to be able to offer a very interesting solution to this Problem.

GNU gettext is the Tool, the Library for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) of Programs in Linux.

Further Details about gettext can be viewed on the GNU gettext Page or in the Documentation included in my distribution.

I assembled a little Distribution of GNU gettext for WIN32 . The complete Documentation is included, along with the Programs ( Tools for translation ), the gnu_gettext.dll, a programing sample, my Modifications on the sourcecode and the include and lib Files. You can download it right here.

Version for msvcrtdll: (in Doubt use this one)

Version for crtdll:

Sourcecode (with my modifications):

News :

  • a Version for the newer »msvcrt« C - runtime library
  • Support for switching LANGUAGES on the fly, also in the DLL Version (Workarround for a Microsoft BUG/FEATURE)

Other Windows Ports of gettext:

  • Perry Rapp is constantly working on the latest gettext release. you can find it on sourceforge
  • Tor Lillqvist made a gettext port for his GIMP Port to Windows, on Tor Lillqvist's site "gettext" is called "GNU intl" and is included in the package "extralibs".
  • Also in the mingw Package repository there is a Windows Port of gettext. It's even more recent than mine (if you look at the Versionnumber).

I You have any Questions about gettext for WIN32, use the Contact form


It was surprisingly easy to port to Windows 95/98/NT. Just those spots in the Sourcecode where Filenames were used were a little tricky (because of Driveletters and backslashes ). Then I had to fix the well known Problems with »Textmode« and »Binarymode« , and gettext for WIN32 was up and running.