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This is an unofficial binary Release of the GNU Midnight Commander for Win95 / NT. The official Site is here.


The Midnight Commander is a most popular File Manager on the GNU/Linux OS.
I succeeded to build a usable binary of the Midnight Commander port for Win95 / NT .
The latest official source code can be obtained from the official site (see above).


People who don't like the Explorer, and for whom the good old Norton Commander renders useless (because it's lacking support for long filenames), should check out this Midnight Commander port.
The Win95 / NT port of MC is in BETA stage - so expect bugs.


The latest release of my Midnight Commander Distribution features the following enhancements:
- Ctrl-C does NO LONGER end the Midnight Commander session.
- The Info-View now shows the correct values for a Drive's size.
- The Extensionfile (mc.ext) is finally supported. This way it's now possible to assign external applications to file types.
- The SET command is proccessed internally now . This way You can set environment Variables within MC now.


The Midnight Commander for Win32 now supports gettext. That enables Midnight Commander to run in many national languages.
  set MCHOME=C:\MC
  set LANGUAGE=de

and Midnight Commander is up and running in german Language.
If You experience problems with the Display of special chararters (like the german umlaut) , choose the Menu - Options - Displaybits and change the Option to full 8 - Bit output.


The version of MC offered on this page is quite outdated. Maybe you should check these more recent alternatives:

If you like to try the Midnight Commander you can download my build right here.
basic distribution (Languages: English German French Spanish Italian Portugese)

ONLY the enhanced mc.exe file and german translation, replacement for Users of an elder release

additional Languages to complete the basic distribution

all Languages in Textformat. To revise / add translations.

(contains the tool msgfmt from gettext. Needed to compile the Translation.)

The source code WITH my modifications, for those who wish to compile MC themselves.

Have fun.


You can reach me via the contact form
Comments, BUG reports and new translations are appreciated any time